Filmmakers/ Catalogues

With the film industry moving into the same direction as the music industry, Nimbus Disc & Print Services also offers a DVD duplication service.

Filmed performances

Whether musician, artist or dancer –your performance captured on DVD can be sold as a valuable memorabilia to visitors of your show.


DVDs can be used as a marketing tool, given out to potential customers, showing sales presentations for example or the corporate video.

Other uses

Short run production is perfectly suited for any productions of up to 500 units. 



Your advantages in a Nutshell:



We employ some of the newest technology. Thus we make sure that you benefit from our competitive prices without compromising on high quality.

No Set-up Charges for Reprints:

Set up charge is paid only once. This means you can make the most of our low minimum order policy by ordering the number of units you actually need.

Eliminate warehousing costs:

Produce stock on-demand to meet an incoming order and keep buffer to a minimum.

No Production Risk: 

Maximise your cash flow and minimise risks – Minimal amount of cash in tied up in discs.

Exclusive releases

Support a tour or event. It is simple to change or update art work or to produce an extra batch to meet demand. 

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