Artwork Guide




All paper products are cut to size with the precision guillotine. In order to ensure that the colour goes right to the edge of the paper and no white margins are left, a small part of the original image is cut off. This coloured margin is called bleed. It is important to consider the bleed when artwork is designed. The bleed should be 3mm wide on all sides.


Crop Marks

Design templates have crop marks to show where the paper will be cut once it is printed. These are only used as a design aid but must not show on the final design that you submit to us in PDF format. Including crop makes it imposable to impose multiple booklets onto the same sheet of paper reducing the efficiency of the printing process.  



For general legibility small font should be written in simple typeface such as Arial and should be no smaller than 4 pt.

For special fonts, logos or graphical elements turn off anti-aliasing if possible.


Catalogue Number / SKU / Barcodes

Every new recording needs to be identified using a unique catalogue number, a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) or Barcode provided by the customer. Please keep SKUs as simple as possible and include the Catalogue Number, SKU or Barcode on your artwork.


Disc Labels – Black, Grayscales and Halftone Images

Text, logos and artwork, such as tribals, can be printed using black or single coolur onbody printing as long as they do not include halftones. 


Disc Labels – Important Logos

Any disc label (onbody print) should include a CD-Audio or CD-Rom and MCPS logo as appropriate. We do hold these logos on file and you can request them as required from Sara Moore, Production Coordinator:



Coloured Paper Printing

The unit cost of printing in colour is higher than that of sheets printed purely with black. An alternative is to print in black onto a coloured paper. For more information or to discuss the options available please contact Sara Moore, Production Coordinator:


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