CD/DVD Duplication & Replication

Disc Duplication is ideal for high quality low volume production between 1 and 500 units. Set up costs for duplication are much lower than mastering costs for replication and consequently it is much more economically viable for small orders. Disc duplication is also an ideal solution if sales potential is uncertain.

Our average order is just 25 units and our daily production capacity exceeds 1800 discs. We have double redundancy of equipment to ensure we meet our customers delivery requirements.  

To ensure quality we use only SONY/DADC Silver discs. New productions are tested for errors and to ensure global compatibility with all disc players using Eclipse Image Suite. Discs will also be batch tested throughout the duplication process to guarantee consistency.

Disc Replication is used for high volume production of 500 copies and above. For disc replication Nimbus Disc & Print works together with some of the largest disc manufacturers in Europeincluding SONY and arvato digital to ensure you receive a quality service at a competitive price. 

Represses & Reprints are managed quickly and efficently because we store all customer production files (music, software, video, artwork) securely on our back up servers. This reduces turnaround time and eliminates set up costs for repress or reprint orders. Original copies such as Master discs can be returned to the customer following the set up process.

Turnaround Time is 5 - 7 days for new productions following the sign off or reciept of all necessary parts (master disc, artwork, onbody artwork etc.). Repress and reprint orders generally take 3 - 5 days. If your order is urgent please call us and we will review the schedule.


Thermal Onbody Print
Thermal printing delivers a waterproof and scratch resistant disc surface with a brilliant finish and strong colour.
We offer two options for the onbody disc artwork
-          Single colour thermal, either black, blue or green
-          Full colour picture disc thermal
Mostly used with the single colour thermal onbody options. Ideal for text, logos and half tone images.
Often used for full colour onbody picture discs as it provides a solid base for the artwork. White discs can also with a single colour thermal.
Custom Thermal  
This option is for clients who are manufacturing regular short run titles, and require a coloured logo, but want to the convenience and low cost of black thermal onbody print. The customers’ logo is screen printed in colour onto a batch of 3000 discs. Thereafter small batches of different content can be duplicated as required by adding specific disc data.


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