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When going into production with a new album it is often imposable to forecast accurate sales figures. Buying in bulk is not the solution and – just in case - may end up in overstocking and your cash being tied up in discs and not available for promotions.

To reduce manufacturing risks and stay on budget three factors must be considered:

  • unit-price
  • minimum order
  • quality

Nimbus Disc & Print offers practical solution for all three:

  • Our unit prices are highly competitive. 
  • The minimum order is just 1 unit.
  • We use the latest technology and to produce your discs. Thermal print on SONY Silver discs gives a professional look just as any mass-produced CD that is found on the shelf.
Set-up costs are charged only for the initial order; not for represses. This means that you can order a small quantity, remain cash liquid and make a profit after selling only a few copies. 



Your advantages in a Nutshell:


Low Production Risk: 

 Order only a small quantity, and represses as needed.

Value for Money: 

 We offer exceptionally competitive prices, and premium quality products.

Premium Quality: 

 We use premium products and the latest production methods, and run extensive technical checks to ensure consistently high and repeatable quality.

Customer Service: 

 We want the best for Nimbus Record and our own artists and we offer the same levels of customer care to you and yours.


 We offer the widest variety of discs, packaging and printing options so you can always find the perfect product for your project.

Marketing Materials: 

 We also offer a wide variety of printed products, such as posters, flyers and merchandise to accompany your disc sales, concerts, etc.

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