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In 2002 we invested in these short run production methods of disc production as a way of rejuvenating Nimbus Records. As is the case with many other labels, Nimbus had been forced to delete slow-selling titles, unable to justify a 500 piece repress or the stockholding costs.

This new approach to disc production enabled Nimbus Records to efficiently repress small quantities and reintroduce all titles. This success was pivotal in establishing Nimbus Disc & Print Services as a 3rd party service for other record labels, software companies and artists.

Currently we manufacture for Lyrita, Hallé, British Music Society, Saydisc, Red Priest, Em Records, Retrospective and Integra, as well as our own label, Nimbus Records.


Our Services for Record Labels:

New Productions
Short run manufacturing of new releases eliminates the risk of overstock and minimises your initial capitol outlay. Production runs can be place inline with orders from artists, wholesailers and distributors guaratteeing full availabliity at all times.

Partial Production
If you have part stocks of booklets, inlays or discs we can generate just the missing elements in exactly the quantity you require. This service could re-release previously unavailable titles and realise value from partial stock assets.

Total Recreation
If only a single archive copy exists we can create a complete set of digital files for booklets, inlays and the music or data. This would enable the rerlease of a previously deleted title to take advantage of new longtail marketing opportunities such as label web sites, amazon and to sell at concerts.


Your advantages in a Nutshell:


Keep titles “alive”:

Keep your slower moving back catalogue in stock at all times.

Revive titles:

Reintroduce deleted titles.

Eliminate warehousing costs:

Produce stock on-demand to meet incoming orders. Eliminate buffer stock or keep it to a minimum.

Maximise Profits:

Capitalise on the permanent availability of titles and long tail supply lines such as Amazon or eBay.

No Production Risk: 

Maximise your cash flow and minimise risks – Minimal amount of cash in tied up in discs.

Exclusive releases

Support artist tours or events with bespoke productions or artwork. Produce only the quantity required to satisfy demand. 


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