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Business & Marketing   


Marketing has become an indispensable aspect of today’s business world. Although we live in an era of online-marketing and virtual worlds there is still a necessity for tangible marketing materials.

At Nimbus Disc & Print we offer an extensive product range of standard as well as customised products. Our services have been used by a variety of customers including restaurants, estate agents, concert halls and even wedding planners. For them we have designed and printed flyers, booklets, menus, posters, business cards, perforated tickets, etc…

But not only printed media is in demand. Many businesses use optical discs as a marketing tool in order to convey their message. Whether it is the corporate or a sales video handed out at trades fairs or a Christmas card with inserted Audio-CD for staff, the disc is a medium that still appeals.

Nimbus Disc & Print also offers a range of merchandise such as coffee mugs and drinks coasters which can be custom-printed to your like. 



Your Advantages in a Nutshell:

Flexibility & Variety:

With our Digital Print Suite we are able to offer a wide range of standard and customized products.


We employ some of the newest technology. Thus we make sure that you benefit from our competitive prices without compromising on high quality.

No Set-up Charges for Reprints:

Set up charge is paid only once. This means you can make the most of our low minimum order policy by ordering the number of units you actually need.

Auto Mailer

If you are sending out a large mailing just prepare your artwork and the data base and with our facilities we will merge them automatically. This way, your mailing is immediately personalised and correctly addressed.

Prepaid Postage Imprint

We can print prepaid postage impressions on any mailings

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