Wyastone Pianos

Steinway Model D Serial Number 531743 - 1994 


The Concert Hall owns threeSteinway Model D pianos:

Serial Number 531743 - 1995. Reconditioned by Jeff Shackell in 2013

Serial Number 589463 - 2011.

Adrian Farmer, Producer, Trustee and Pianists comments on the new piano at  the Wyastone Concert Hall

Because the hall is now so busy with so many first class recordings being made at Wyastone the Trustees felt it was essential that we were able to offer the highest quality instruments possible. Because the pianos are played so regularly the intervals between major services are coming round far too fast. It also means that when a piano is away the hall was unused so The Nimbus Foundation decided to invest in a third Steinway piano. For ease of correspondence we refer to the three pianos by date of manufacture - so, the '69, the '95 and now the '11. 

Being new the action on the '11 is very even, there are no 'zings' from the dampers and none of the typical Steinway issues of unmatched colour or resonances around the breaks in the treble frame.  The '11 is a very satisfying mixture of the best of the others; it has a light and positive action like the '95, the top is very clear and clean but without the slightly aggressive brilliance of the '95. The mid range is very warm and speaks very easily; the bass has the same kind of massive weight as the '69. In general the new piano has much more character and quality then the '95 had, even when it was new.

Over the years I have tried and played many pianos myself, this is one to fall in love with. Christina Ortiz did immediately, and Aron Erez didn't want to get off the piano stool last week (he actually said the piano played itself), the couple of independent producers who have worked with it so far all say it records very easily.

I never thought to find another instrument that has the same sensual character as our '69 had in its prime. But this one does, perhaps even more so, and was a lucky find.  You know that you can never guarantee a pianist's reaction to a piano, but I think this one will satisfy and delight even the most demanding.

If you want to talk about it please give me a call.


Artist References for the New Steinway D 2011

I’m happy and proud I had the opportunity of playing your new Steinway-D. Due to its sweetness, lightness and extreme variety of colors, I really think it’s one of the best modern grand pianos I’ve ever played in my life. Congratulations!

 Matteo Fossi

When I am introduced to a piano that I am not familiar with, there are qualities I hope the piano will have; a medium weighted touch, even regulation and a responsive tone in all the registers. This piano has all those, so I have no hesitation in recommending this instrument, it is a pleasure to play it.

Martin Jones

I enjoyed playing and recording on this piano. When recording - it is of great importance to play on a very good instrument that I can trust mechanically, enjoy its sound and relate to. It is one of the best pianos I have ever played on.

The sound was wonderful, I could easily get all the colours and sounds that I wanted to achieve. The mechanical condition was superb: I managed to get some repetitions of the keys that was hard to get in other pianos.

All registers sounds great. It serves my needs both for German music sound (Brahms sonatas) and for the French music.

Arnon Erez


We prefer not to move the pianos off the stage.

The Hall is fully air-conditioned. There is an extensive range of audio and visual tie-lines between the Hall, the control room and the external connection for outside broadcast vehicles.



The Hall flooring (including the stage) is hardwood beech.
The stalls are flat, as is the 0.5m raised stage.
The balcony has raked, fixed seating.
Seating in the stalls is fully configurable. It can be completely removed in 24 hours.
Stage dimensions – 15m x 7m.
The Concert Hall can provide 100 stage chairs suitable for performers.
The Hall does not own music stands but does own rostra.
There is a removable Conductor’s Podium.



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