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A Golden Treasury of Mediaeval Music



The Canadian ensemble for mediæval music Sine Nomine present an overview of music from six centuries and eleven countries throughout Europe. This daunting task has revealed some treasures indeed! The music ranges vocally from pious Gregorian chant to troubadour love songs and instrumentally with dances from the courtly Italian saltarello to a wild English estampie.

A Golden Treasury of Mediaeval Music


"The performers have dug out almost totally fresh material, selected with great imagination and enterprise and covering a range of 12th to 16th century idioms, vocal and instrumental ... for decades now, readers, friends and students have asked me to recommend a single record as an introduction to the music of the Middle Ages. I have never been able to identify any one - until now. I warmly recommend this to any novice who wants to make a start and I urge the accomplished collector not to overlook its refreshing repertoire" American Record Guide