A Tribute to Tchaikovsky

"The pieces in this recording were selected to be heard as a single composition, greater than the sum of its parts. Conceived as a tribute to a composer of genius, it mingles some of Tchaikovsky’s well known works for piano with others that are less familiar, but no less splendid." Vladimir Feltsman


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"A Tribute to Tchaikovsky is a very attractive CD compilation of short, tuneful pieces highly characteristic of the composer... Vladimir Feltsman performs the whole programme in a gentle introverted fashion and this approach sounds absolutely right. The playing is first rate with tasteful rubato and excellent control of dynamics; every detail and nuance shines through." John Whitmore, musicweb-international.com


"From what I hear on this recording, the pianist certainly loves and understands this composer’s music. It seems that Feltsman is well attuned to Russian late-Romantic music, judging by the accolades he received for his album A Tribute to Rachmaninov. The solo piano output of Tchaikovsky is virtually unknown to the public, with the possible exceptions of Album for children and The Seasons. If you know the latter set, you will recognize many of its features and techniques here. On this disc you’ll find misty-eyed romances and wistful waltzes, sweet reveries and quiet conversations. Vladimir Feltsman plays with natural feeling and presents the music without sugar icing. His interpretation radiates purity. He does not squeeze emotion out of this music, but really digs to its heart. In his hands it becomes by turns tender and muscular, joyous and melancholic.  The recording quality is very good. The liner-note was written by the pianist and provides a fine musical analysis of each piece, together with interesting insights and historical context.  Little Gems, performed with love and understanding." Oleg Ledeniov,  musicweb-international.com


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