Anything Goes! The Songs of Cole Porter: His 55 Finest 1927-1961

To mark the 50th anniversary of his death, the very best of Cole Porter (1891-1964) is distilled onto a double CD. Among the top handful of all-time-great songwriters, only Irving Berlin shared Porter's ability to act as his own lyricist, and what brilliantly sophisticated lyrics they were! From the late 20s onwards his creations led to a whole succession of outstanding successes, both in stage and film musicals. Anything Goes! presents what are arguably his 56 most illustrious compositions on two very well-filled CD.

The roster of artists is phenomenal, mostly chosen from recordings contemporary to a song’s first appearance. Cole Porter himself is featured both singing and playing the piano on Anything Goes and You're The Top from the hit musical Anything Goes (which also produced Ethel Merman’s show-stopping I Get A Kick Out Of You).

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