Bach The Complete Organ Music Volume 11



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"Bach is simply put it astounding when it comes to composing organ music and his works are superior in so many ways to that of other composers that have written or performed organ music. Being protestant, Bachs music has a very deep spiritual and religious for me and when ever I hear some of his works I feel divinly inspired and his music truly touches my inner realms of the soul. This recoding with Kevin Bowyer as the organist is awesome and stupendous. He is a quite accomplised organist and whilst not on the same level as Bach himself (then again who is), he manages to do it justice and he is truly a masterfull at what he does. I love this recording and I will purchase more Bach in the future."- Anonymous

"I purchased this CD -- namely for a very beautiful piece: BWV 1111 (a chorale prelude for organ, entitled "Nun lasst uns den Leib begraben" ["Then He Let Us Bury the Body"]). And it IS beautiful: I feel sort of like an Angel being welcomed back Home -- very lovely. Kevin Bowyer really captures the spirit of things -- in ALL the selections. And it IS on Nimbus, appropriately enough! Unfortunately, however -- I can only give this album five stars -- as that's the maximum number of stars that they ALLOW me to give!"- Rick Komm

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