Brahms & Bruch Violin Concertos

Perhaps the most well-known direct comparison between both the Brahms and Bruch violin concertos comes from Hans von Bülow who commented that while Bruch had written a concerto for the violin, Brahms had composed one against it. And whilst this is perhaps a little harsh toward Brahms, one can see von Bülow's point: Bruch uses the orchestra to support his soloist whilst Brahms attempts to treat both soloist and orchestra as equals. Comparisons aside, both concertos are towering examples of the genre which are, and will remain, firmly established staples of concerto repertoire.


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“These works are never used as vehicles for mere virtuosity and show by these artists. Hideko Udagawa can really make her violin sing in these very fine performances where she is given first class support from Mackerras and the orchestra.”

"Sound quality and balance between solo instrument and orchestra is top-notch. Do we need another recording of two well-represented concertos? My feeling is that these two offer a new take on a pair of well-trodden warhorses of the violin concerto repertoire. There’s certainly nothing routine here, and this CD would grace any CD collection." Stephen Greenbank,

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