Brahms Sonatas for Violin & Piano and Schubert Arpeggione - Sonata

Robin and Tim formed their Duo in 2008, and quickly discovered a strong rapport in playing together. Their concerts and recording together since then have constituted a small but precious part of their busy careers.

“The desire to make this recording built up slowly over a number of years. Viola recitals are increasingly rare, and a recording seemed one way to honour the decades of close acquaintance with these beloved jewels of the viola repertoire. Tim and I felt that we might find inspiration and spontaneity in a concert performance that could elude us in a studio recording.” Robin Ireland

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“This disc contains arguably the three best works of the nineteenth century written (OK, rewritten) for the combination of viola and piano. Each work receives solid and expressive performances. The recording is close yet without discomfort. The performance shows in full light the singing beauty of the music. The contribution of the pianist is excellent. I might well return to this disc when I want to hear the viola version of the Brahms sonatas. As for the Arpeggione, I feel a certain want of elegant lightness that can bring so much to Schubert’s music. Still, it is a beautiful reading of this ever-fascinating work.” Oleg Ledeniov,

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