Brassileiro Brass Music from Northeastern Brazil

Brassil are remarkable musicians who have succeeded in producing something quite new in more ways than one within the familiar formation of the classicla brass quintet. They come from the northeastern Brazilian state of Paraíba, a region that remains a reservoir of good music and musicians thanks to the enduring traditions of brass bands. It is interesting that most of them had their early training in this tradition and that they play popular music too. This is a quality they share with many players in Brazil; it makes them all-rounders and gives them the essential flexibility to feel at ease in a style that requires the swing of popular forms and the sensitivity of classically trained musicians.


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Review "As an ex-pro trumpet player I had never heard of any Brazilian brass music and was keen to find out about it. What a nice surprise this album is! These guys are excellent players, have a fearsomely tight ensemble but it all feels effortless when listening to it - the mark of a virtuoso performance. Suite Monette (named after the famous trumpet maker) has to be one of my favourites, with it's catchy tunes and rhythms. I liked it so much I took the trouble to import the sheet music and play it with my brass ensemble, and it's lovely to play too. The other pieces on the CD are light, good listening, if a touch samey, and all performed to the same high standard. Sound quality and mastering is top class too. My only problem is that I couldn't get the tunes out of my head for weeks after listening to it. Be warned!"-Anonymous
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