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Bretan - A Song Recital



Bretan’s operas, and above all his monumental folk epic Horia, can perhaps be seen as his main body of work; and yet it is song that runs like a connecting thread through his entire creative life. Whereas the operas were largely written during the time of his activity at the two theatres in Cluj, the composition of songs occupied him from his youth until the late years of his life. Bretan, who discovered his passion for singing very early and began to cultivate his voice, felt just as early the urge to express himself in songs of his own, to give musical form to his feelings.Although he availed himself of poems in various different languages for that purpose, his own language seems to have been music, and his true home the realm of tones.

Bretan - A Song Recital


"Beautiful melodies and gorgeous singing: what more can anyone ask for?! Donose is a great artist who is fortunate to posses such a wonderful and sweet timbre. We were lucky to see her live in San Francisco in La Damnation de Faust, part of the 2006-2007 season. For the adventurous I also recommend Bretan's four operas Luceafarul (the Evening Star), Horia, Golem and Arald. All highly enjoyable hidden treasures."- Robert M