Cante Gitano - Gypsy Flamenco from Andalucia

Recorded live at a private flamenco gathering or ‘juerga’ in Andalucia, this disc captures the art of five performers who collectively represent some of the most famous gypsy dynasties from the historic heartlands of Flamenco culture. Singers José de la Tomasa, María la Burra and María Soleá, from Seville and Jerez, are renowned for their depth of expression and artistic integrity. Guitarist Paco del Gastor is an outstanding accompanist of the ‘cante’ (song), sought after by the best for his electrifying yet pure style. He and his brother, Juan are the nephews and musical heirs of the legendary Morón guitarist Diego del Gastor.



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"It's long and superbly recorded and is a prime example of the real thing." Jeff Cotton, Which CD

"...these Andalusian performers offer the rarest glimpse of a unique culture, a view not possible had the record been made in a cold studio. Kudos to Nimbus for having the integrity to release it unfiltered, raw, and immediate."  American Record Guide

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