Chausson, Debussy and Rachmaninov Piano Trios

The three piano trios in this programme are all early, and not entirely characteristic, works by three composers who came to be celebrated for their music in quite other genres. Yet they are highly enjoyable works in their own right which hardly deserve their comparative obscurity.


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"The Vienna Schubert Trio’s fastidious attention to detail, malleable phrasing and velvety sound world are tailor-made for the Debussy and Chausson (both have never sounded finer on disc). Yet the revelation here is a performance of the Rachmaninoff that exchanges the delirious intensity of the Kogan–Luzanov–Svetlanov classic (Melodiya) for a cultivated poise and affection that is no less deeply moving." Julian Haylock,  The Strad

"The recordings themselves are sympathetically done and the booklet notes first class." Jonathan Woolf,

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