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"In 1998 I visited Britain for the first time in my life and many a dream came true, for instance, experiencing the way Christmas is being celebrated in British homes with the whole lot of family members gathering, feasting on turkey, chatting the hours away till tea to again feast on, then chat again and watch the telly and ... feast on dinner, merrily, and with Christmas crackers and what have you. Well, on the 26th, the family including myself went to Lichfield Cathedral to attend the Christmas Carol Service, and it was there I heard the Lichfield Cathedral Choir for the first time. Sitting in this majestic cathedral listening to the lovely voices, thrilled by the atmosphere and getting deeply touched, I have since loved all those Christmas carols sung during this service, among them "Jesus Christ The Apple Tree", which has since been one of my favourites when it comes to carols. Therefore, I was so very pleased to find this CD and ... it is worth every penny/cent it cost."-Anonymous

"Under the direction of Andrew Lumsden, the Lichfield Cathedral Choir excels in this selection of Christmas music from their repertoire. Ranging from some of the better know carols such as the timeless 'In the bleak midwinter' to a lively arrangement of 'Tomorrow shall be my dancing day' via Taverner's renown 'The Lamb', and works by Mendelssohn, Howells, and Crotch, the choir exhibits a mastery of all the styles in their performance. The CD also includes a delightful new arrangement of the classic German carol 'Silent Night' by Andrew Lumsden. Breaking up the choral music there are three organ solos, two played by the Assistant Organist, Robert Sharpe and the third played by Andrew Lumsden. Sharpe's accompanying throughout the CD is exemplary, and his solos are no different. There are several choral solo parts within the carols, and while all are excellent, the two solo choristers deserve special mention for their beautifully sublime performances. While this CD may not contain the traditional well known congregational carols, it is a very accessible selection of music for anyone who enjoys choral music, and it provides a wonderful opportunity to discover seasonal works that the listener may not previously have encountered."-Anonymous

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