Clara Butt 1909-1925

Prima Voce has assembled some truly remarkable examples of Clara Butt’s art and even at first hearing the listener will be struck by the vocal presence and personality behind each recording. The deliberate but completely unforced exploitation of those extraordinary and smoothly blended cello-like bottom notes in her lower and middle registers was beautifully managed throughout her career, but they do evoke different reactions from some modern commentators on vocal-art.


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Sussex born Dame Clara, a concert, recital and ballad singer, was among the most distinctive contraltos with a booming chest register into which she crashed like a pre-synchromesh racing driver changing a gear. She toured the world with her concert party and recorded much. Her few operatic discs are memorable, she is a compelling Elgarian (here in an atmospheric ‘Where Corals Lie’ from 1920) and her ‘Fairy Pipers’ is irresistible. Gramophone

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