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Coleridge-Taylor Violin Concerto



The work is written in three contrasting, yet well balanced and consistent movements. The opening ‘allegro’ is a modified sonata form and commands our attention and our interest from the first bar to the last. Perhaps Dvorak and Mendelssohn are never too far away but Coleridge-Taylor has made this music his own. This is not a pastiche: it is an impressive exploration of the violinist’s technique and expression using a musical language that was appropriate to the period.

Coleridge-Taylor Violin Concerto


"Coleridge-Taylor's Concerto is a work that is full of sunshine and light and colour: it is a descriptive work, not a confessional one. It must rate as one of the composer's masterpieces. Bredon Hill must count as one of the finest musical portraits of the English Countryside. It is unbelievable that it remained unheard for so many years." John France, "Coleridge-Taylor's Concerto has now been recorded three summary this is the grandest and most monumental of the three." Rob Barnett, 'Rosette' **** PENGUIN GUIDE 2010