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Copland Orchestral Music



This is a lovely collection of music from Copland's first 25 years as a professional composer. For me, Quiet City is one of the unsung masterpieces of music. Starting life as incidental music to a play which never achieved a production, Copland fashioned this real gem of a piece, full of urban loneliness. This is a heartfelt and deeply moving performance. Music for Movies is a five movement suite made up from music written for three films - The City (1939), Our Town (1940) and Of Mice and Men (1940) - and is an attractive work, which, as with Music for the Theater, benefits from the use of a smaller orchestra than might normally be engaged. The Clarinet Concerto was written for Benny Goodman. It's a lovely piece when played straight, that is without trying to jazz up the jazz section, and fortunately Blount understands of the best interpretations of the work I've heard on disk and gives Benny Goodman and Copland a run for their money. Bob Briggs, MusicWeb-international

Copland Orchestral Music


 "Apart from Appalachian Spring (beautifully played and very balletic), glowing in its original version, and the atmospheric Quiet City, most of this music is lesser-known. William Blount is a rich-toned soloist in the Clarinet Concerto, languid in the first movement, but contrasting with the roisterous jazzy finale. These excellent performances directed by Dennis Russell Davies come from the MusicMasters Catalogue and were very well recorded at the end of the 1980s."  The Penguin Guide