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Czerny The Piano Sonatas Volume 2



A torchbearer at Beethoven’s funeral, Beethoven’s pupil, friend and protégé Carl Czerny is almost forgotten today except as the author of educational piano pieces and the author of a long-influential piano method. But like his peers among Beethoven’s circle of friends, notably Ferdinand Ries and Ignaz Moscheles, Czerny was one of those who carried on the torch of the late-classical style into the early years of the age of Romanticism, and made a distinctive contribution through his own creative work. Despite teaching at times as many as ten hours a day, Czerny managed to compose an immense amount of music, eventually totalling over 1,000 works. It is said that he composed so prolifically that he worked on several compositions simultaneously.

Czerny The Piano Sonatas Volume 2