Delius & Grieg - The complete works for cello and piano

Friendships between major composers are often important and mutually beneficial, and they shed light on our perception and enjoyment of their music. Schumann and Brahms, Stravinsky and Debussy, Wagner and Liszt, Holst and Vaughan Williams – in each case one life was influenced, aided, inspired and affected by the other in real and tangible ways. So it was, however unlikely it might seem, with Grieg and Delius.


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“Raphael Wallfisch (cello) and John York (piano) have made a number of recordings for Nimbus featuring such diverse composers as Zemlinsky, Korngold, Goldmark, Beethoven and Chopin… What a wonderful partnership Wallfisch and York make, instinctively weaving the sound around each other…The recording is excellent and there are excellent notes by John York. This is a lovely disc.”

This pairing with Grieg is particularly successful and the Delius miniatures are delightful. The Chason d’automne is a winsome reflection of one of Verlaine’s most poignant songs, the Elegy is decorated with charmingly delicate roulades for the piano and the Romance is wistfully magical. The performances throughout are wonderfully responsive and the Nimbus recording first-rate. This is one of those rare collection discs that one can play through complete very rewardingly, as if one were at a recital. Ivan March, Gramophone Magazine Christmas Edition 2012

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