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Earl Bostic - alto sax master plays Flamingo - A Centenary Tribute, his 27 finest



This centenary tribute is the finest single CD now available of the fabulously unique alto sax sound of Earl Bostic, playing both R&B and standards. Earl Bostic (1913-1965) has carved a special niche for himself in the annals of great saxophone-players. Always a brilliant technician, from a background of playing in, and arranging for, jazz big-bands such as Lionel Hampton’s, he led a group that achieved great success playing Rhythm & Blues. He went on to become a household name when he took popular standards and gave them a hard-driving R&B edge, as with the lilting Latin number he took for his million-selling signature tune, Flamingo. It was Bostic’s alto that inspired all those later distinctively honking R&B saxes.

The 27 tracks of Earl Bostic plays Flamingo presents a selection of the best of his R&B and then rather more of the best of his versions of standards, for which he is most famous. The R&B greats include Eight Forty-Five Stomp, That’s The Groovy Thing, Don’t You Do It, The Major And\The Minor, Earl Blows A Fuse and his big hit version of Sleep. Among the many standards getting the invigorating Bostic treatment is, of course, his other major chart success, Temptation, as well as Cherokee, Moonglow, Lover Come Back To Me, The Man I Love and many more. Even Schubert’s Serenade emerges in a bracing new guise!

Earl Bostic was an inspiration for several later tenor sax masters who can be heard in his band on this CD, from Don Byas to John Coltrane, Benny Golson and Stanley Turrentine.

Earl Bostic - alto sax master plays Flamingo - A Centenary Tribute, his 27 finest


“I came across the name of a musician I'd not heard of before, but because I rather liked the look of CD cover and recognised some of the tunes being played, I took a chance. I was not sorry, I enjoyed what I heard so much, that the moment the last tune had finished, I replayed the CD all the way through from beginning to end. If like me you've never heard of Earl Bostic, I can thoroughly recommend him to you and in particular this CD. Happy listening.” Amazon Customer “One of the best, but little known, saxophonists of the 20th Century was Earl Bostic. This Centenary Tribute CD is very timely and much needed. The Retrospective label is a great one. Bostic was a pioneer of the laid back sax sound, which is very apparent in the track The Man I Love, but he could also do the toe-tapping, exciting technical stuff too: this is very clear in The Major And The Minor. The tracks keep coming more and more inventive, dynamic and visceral. What a player Bostic was! This opened up a whole new world for me.” Amazon Customer “A terrific compilation of Earl Bostic’s individual sound some great swinging tracks along with smooth ballads, the backing contains some pretty good players too.” “This latest Retrospective release is indeed most welcome… The contents do duplicate many titles originally on the ASV release but the new additions will no doubt be most welcomed and in any event the sound is clearer on this new disc if my ears do me proud. I always listen to vintage material through headphones and am always impressed by the depth of sound and how the original acoustics have been retained. The price is very reasonable and the packaging excellent with liner notes informative. I am sure we all look forward to the next batch of releases from this truly nostalgic label...” Amazon Customer