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Edmundo Ros - Cuban Love Song: A Tribute - his 28 Latin-American finest



The sound of Latin-American music – here is the best of the hugely popular Edmundo Ros Band from its vintage years.

For many, Trinidad-born Edmundo Ros (1910-2011), who died last October at the age of 100, simply is Latin-American music. Coming to London in 1937 as a drummer (he even recorded with Fats Waller), he formed his Rumba Band in 1941. It was a huge and long-lasting success and he went on to purvey Latin-American music to two generations of listeners as the king of samba and rumba.

“Cuban Love Song” (the band’s signature tune) offers a Retrospective of the very best of the various Edmundo Ros bands for their first 17 years. It spearheads an irresistible sequence of 28 Latin-American numbers – sambas, rumbas, boleros, calypsos and so on – starting with five of his early Parlophone recordings from 1941/2 (including Los Hijos de Buda, the big UK wartime hit of summer 1941).

14 tracks feature Edmundo Ros’ own distinctive vocal tones (No Can Do, A Rainy Night In Rio, The Coffee Song, I Talk To The Trees etc.). These of course include The Wedding Samba, Ros’ biggest success; a top international hit, it sold three million copies. In addition there are 11 catchy instrumental tracks (Tico-Tico, I Got The Sun In The Morning, Mambo Jambo . . .), concluding with a spectacular trio from the early stereo classic Rhythms Of the South. Take your partners!

Edmundo Ros - Cuban Love Song: A Tribute - his 28 Latin-American finest


“Many of the tracks naturally feature his engaging vocals which have such a nostalgic and familiar quality for those of us who remember when he was constantly on radio and television. It’s probably fair to say that while never an originator nor an innovator in Latin-American music, he was probably the most successful and consistent advocate in this country, popularising countless songs that have become part of the standard repertoire. Many of these included here are in startlingly well remastered recordings of outstanding clarity. That can only mean Alan Bunting has once again worked his magic, buffing up these old Decca recordings to a new level of excellence. Superior listening quality throughout.” IN TUNE magazine