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Eve Boswell - Pickin' A Chicken - Her 56 Finest



This Retrospective survey of 56 prime items from her recorded legacy reminds us of the sheer vivacity and charm with which Hungarian-born Eva Keleti (1922-1988), aka “Eve Boswell”, lit up the 50s; the “Sugar Bush Girl” who sweetened all our lives. She brightened up 50s Britain with a welcome touch of the exotic. Here was a sparkling cosmopolitan performer, pretty and exuberant, who brought a dash of warmer, more colourful climes to the black-and-white film of those days. After establishing her career in South Africa, Eve came to England as vocalist with the famous Geraldo’s Orchestra (8 titles here, including I Can Dream, Can’t I?). Her solo career blossomed with a regular string of singles, the most popular of which emanated from Africa: Sugar Bush, Skokiaan and Pickin’ A Chicken (plus 23 others included here). Disc 2 largely concentrates on her fine LP material, showing off the broad range of her abilities. Her breakthrough 10” LP Sugar And Spice is presented in its entirety, together with 12 tracks from Sentimental Eve and Following The Sun Around. The whole programme is the finest available presentation of one of the most gifted and vivacious popular singers of her era.

Eve Boswell - Pickin' A Chicken - Her 56 Finest


Vocalist Eve Boswell made a name for herself in South Africa after leaving England during WWII. Sometimes confused as being related to the Boswell Sisters, she is more of a pop vocalist, but shows some great depth on her read of “Autumn Leaves” (which she sings in French) and has a glowing delivery on “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” and “Everything I Have Is Yours.” Because she was more of a pop vocalist, you get “hits” like “Pickin’ A Chicken” and “The Mexican Hat Dance” but she is able to pull off “Quizas, Quizas, Quizas” with credibility. Check her out! George Harris, Jazz Weekly