Fanny Hensel: Zwölf Clavierstücke & Vier Römische Klavierstücke

Fanny Mendelssohn was a German pianist and composer, and the eldest sister and confidante of the composer Felix Mendelssohn however she was never allowed to study music like her brother. Despite this she developed a remarkable talent for piano music especially after her extensive Italian travel which is the source of much inspiration in some of these pieces. Felix readily admitted that his sister played the piano better than he did, and Fanny remained his chief musical adviser until he left home. She is said to have memorized J.S. Bach’s complete Well-Tempered Clavier by age 13. Fanny married the Prussian court painter Wilhelm Hensel in 1829. She travelled in Italy with her husband in 1839–40. Upon her mother’s death in 1842 she took over the direction of the Mendelssohn family home in Berlin, in which role she organized local concerts and occasionally appeared as a pianist. Fanny remained very close to her brother, and her death in May 1847 greatly contributed to Felix’s own demise six months later.
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In 1843 she composed Zwölf Clavierstücke dedicated to her brother (to coincide with his birthday), a collection of pieces for solo piano -escrites different moments- found in the Library of Bodelian Oxfrod. The second work of this album is the result of a need arose compositional unstoppable during his visit to Rome. They were the first months of 1840. The publisher Breitkopf and Härtel published for the first time in 1999. Each movement of this work reveals the inspiration that aroused Italy.
Swedish pianist Solveig Wikman interprets these short pieces of virtuous character and reveals a lucid way of understanding music Fanny Hensel. Wikman, which is certainly a consummate pianist, shows his pianistic virtuosity emphasizing sound transparent fabric marked by totally romantic melody. Since becoming when he gets a more balanced biography and musical recognition is given well-deserved, in his person and not as a sister in Felix. An excellent recording of Sterling

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