Fauré Mélodies [4 CD Set]

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"This is not a set to play straight through, but rather one worthy of continual revisiting. Its beauties repay repeated listening and I am very happy that it will have a home on my shelves next to Kathryn Stott’s wonderful recording on Hyperion of the complete piano music. At under £20, this set will give immense pleasure."-Michael Wilkinson

"This is not only a great testament to Gabriel Fauré, but to the considerable vocalism of Sarah Walker. She has been likened to vocal silk; and with good reason. The voice remains beautiful throughout its considerable range and every nuance is available to Miss Walker. And this is not to forgo the contribution of the redoubtable Tom Krause. These were among the earliest recording s of Malcolm Martineau and what an appropriate choice of accompanist he is. He is a true accompanist, yet he always makes his presence felt, so deeply important in this oeuvre. If you love the songs of Gabriel Fauré, or are a fan of Sarah Walker or Tom Krause, then this is for you. And it is a great deal considering the price."-Thomas Wolf

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