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The flamenco guitar has evolved greatly since its beginnings as the partner of the Andalusian singer. I say without hesitation that its spectacular development rests almost entirely upon the two pillars of Montoya and Ricardo. May this recording be a humble tribute to their memory and to their enormous contribution to the art of flamenco guitar. Paco Peña



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"Paco Pena is still one of the masters of the art of flamenca gitane. To hear his interpretation of traditional classic flamenco music is a breath-taking experience."- Anonymous

"Flamenco, many people will answer, is about 'passion'. That's true, but behind the passion there must be absolute precision. Paco Peña's recordings never cease to astound me with their innovativeness, fervent passion and awesome precision, no matter whether the falsetas are packed with notes or simple but beautiful. Another valuable addition to my large collection of flamenco recordings."-Dr. D. M. Jones

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