Flamenco Live!

Traditional performances of Flamenco song performed in the context of a Juerga, where singers and guitarists, and usually some spontaneous dancing, all contribute to a 'party' that might last all night and well into the next day. This combination of setting and artists (who collectively represent some of the most famous gypsy dynasties from Andalucia) generates an incredible range of musical and emotional experience.


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"It's long and superbly recorded and is a prime example of the real thing."
Jeff Cotton, Which CD
"Burns with intensity and the spirit of the people."
High Fidelity "

"Recorded over a couple of nights at a private club just outside Seville, this CD features professional and aficionado singers. Guitarist Manolo Domínguez is one of the major accompanists playing today, and has worked with all the great singers of our time. He is much in demand throughout Andalucía. Cante Andaluz embraces a range of classic flamenco from malagueñas, fandango grande, fandango de Huelva, tientos, tangos, alegrías, soleás, mineras to the songs of ida y vuelta (lit. of 'going and return') which travelled to and back from Latin America - habaneras, milongas and guajiras."

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