Frank Merrick with Henry Holst

Pianist Frank Merrick and violinist Henry Holst stand as witnesses to music's vulnerabilities. In this they are far from unique. The present recordings give a hearing on CD to LPs until now stashed away in the oubliette of history. They join those on Frank Merrick volume 1 (6 CDs on NIMBUS NI8820). The present set reminds us of works that were, at the time of recording in the late 1950s and early 1960s, unfashionable or even unknown. They found a voice in two musicians whose own careers were at or past their highest peak. With grateful thanks to Frank Merrick’s children, Celia, Paul & Phoebe, and to Rosalind Murrell, for their advice, photographs of Frank Merrick and the loan of multiple copies of these very rare LPs.
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"Bax’s Third Sonata kicks off the second we have just the Andantino, all Holst and Merrick recorded of it; a beautiful example of Edwardian elegance."

"Disc three is valuable for revealing how Holst and Merrick took to the music of Gunnar de Frumerie. Even though there have been recordings of his music of late, the violin sonatas keep getting largely overlooked. The First Sonata of 1934 (revised some three decades later) is quite compact and in four movements; descriptive, feisty, terse, intense and sporting a finale that evinces rich lyricism as well as a quirky vitality"

- Jonathan Woolf

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