Franz Reizenstein Piano Music for Children

Reizenstein held a strong and often expressed belief in the importance of giving young musicians the opportunity of playing contemporary music during their early training. His related wish that music teachers would make more use of worthwhile teaching pieces by present-day composers bore furit in a number of pieces for children and inexperienced players that appeared at regular intervals throughout his ouevre.
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Review "Nimbus will never let you down, if you want something unusual and fresh to listen to. Among the new releases this month is a 3CD set of piano music by Franz Reizenstein, played by the wonderful Martin Jones. Reizenstein's dates are 1911-1958, so his life was quite short, though action-packed. He was born in Nüremberg, and was forced to leave in 1934 when the Nazis took over Germany. He spent the next years studying in London, till he was interned as an enemy alien in 1939. Luckily the authorities let him out of his camp on the Isle of Man not too long after his incarceration and he spent the rest of the war working as a railway clerk. Once the war ended he was able to pursue his career as a pianist and sought-after composer, with appointments as Professor of Piano in both London's Royal Academy of Music and Manchester's Royal College of Music, although to his regret never as Professor of Composition in either. He tended towards interpreting the more modern composers of his day, when not performing his own works on the concert platform; compositions which, however, were always tonal in structure. He didn't only write for the piano, but this Lyrita release only deals with that one aspect of Reizenstein's output. It did, though, give your astonished reviewer a chance to hear his Variations on 'The Lambeth Walk'. I thought I was imagining things at first. We go through the styles of many of the great composers - from Chopin and Beethoven to Wagner and Liszt in the 7 variations. Pure joy! I can only imagine the smiles on the faces of both pianist and engineer as the recording proceeded." - Anonymous
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