Franz Schubert Piano Music Volume 1

Schubert has been described as the last 'classical' and as the first 'romantic' composer, but it is really impossible to pin a meaningful label on him. He was, and still is, a very special case, a lonely figure in musical history, a dreamer who brought into music a degree of intimacy, despair, hope and disappointment previously unknown. Schubert was a sincere, shy and vulnerable man (though did not lack confidence in himself as an artist), and his personality is clearly reflected in his music.
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"This is an impressive start to Feltsman’s Schubert series which I look forward to hearing. The recording is first rate and there are excellent booklet notes from the pianist."

"Speaking of emotion, Schubert’s very last sonata has that in spades. You would not want it any other way. Here the pianist is on firm territory, though his competition is practically every other pianist of note, plus many also-rans. If I cannot say he adds anything new, he does maintain a high score among the top third of interpreters. It only remains to add these newcomers to my already sagging Schubert shelves. Yes, they are that worthy." American Record Guide

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