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Franz Schubert Piano Sonatas Volume 3



Schubert has been described as the last 'classical' and as the first 'romantic' composer, but it is really impossible to pin a meaningful label on him. He was and still is a very special case, a lonely figure in musical history, a dreamer who brought into music a degree of intimacy, despair, hope and disappointment previously unknown. Schubert was a sincere, shy (not to be confused with lack of confidence in himself as an artist) and vulnerable man and his personality is clearly reflected in his music. Vladimir Feltsman

Franz Schubert Piano Sonatas Volume 3


"Feltsman gives subtle readings that play off these shadings of mood and expression, and his use of rubato and fluid dynamics keep the music suspended in a state of tension and emotional ambiguity. Nimbus offers clean sound and natural resonance, so the music is crisply detailed with a pleasant background ambience." AllMusic