Gabrieli and St. Marks



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Review "The spiritual thrill of hearing antiphonal music in Venice's St. Mark's cathedral was once a delight afforded only a few lucky visitors to Venice. With this absolutely superb recording that pleasure is now available to all. The works of this aptly titled CD, VENETIAN BRASS MUSIC, are primarily those of Giovanni Gabrieli whose stature among music historians is the gold standard for this musical form. But in addition to Gabrieli there are works by Girolamo Frescobaldi, Lodovico Viadana, and Andrea Gabrieli, each of which is well worth inclusion. The performances are by The Wallace Collection, featuring trumpeter John Wallace, as led by Simon Wright. While there are numerous recordings of music for brass instruments by some very fine ensembles, this recording seems to capture the ambience and the spirit of the music better than all the rest. The works range from rather simple (4 parts) to extremely complex works (for 8, 10, 12, 22 parts!). And the glory of this selection of pieces is that they never sound repetitive. This is a recording worthy of the highest praise and as fine a recital (in as fine a hall!) as is available on recordings. Very highly recommended. "-Grady Harp
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