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German Romantics: Gruß aus Baden-Baden!



This is fun! Miloslav Koenneman was a composer and military musician who came to Baden-Baden around 1850. He composed this very charming piece of music -a little like Hans Christian Lumbye. It is performed outdoors every year in Baden-Baden and the audience is meant to sing along in the hymn in the end of the piece -like Pomp and Circumstance. Even Mark Twain loved it -arriving tired in Baden-Baden around the time when Koenneman was there and the author writes that the piece "delighted me, warmed me, moved me, stirred me, uplifted me, enraptured me." So this is a must -also for the tender and melancholy Gounod piece in the end of the CD. You will love this one.

German Romantics: Gruß aus Baden-Baden!