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German Romantics: Heinrich Schulz-Beuthen Orchestral Works Volume 4



Once more we are about to make the acquaintance of a composer whose destiny was obscured by the giants if his time. Even today, the shadows of Brahms, Bruckner, later followed by those of Strauss and Wagner, determine what is first and second-class music. Little by Little, the German post-romantic period is rediscovered, thanks to enteprising record producres and idealistic conductors.

Heinrich Schulz-Beuthen was born in Beuthen in 1838. In 1862 he became pupil of Ignaz Moscheles and Carl Reinecke in Leibzig and thereby a fellow student of both Grieg and Svendsen. Schulz-Beuthen's manaaged to complete eight symphonies and left two unfinished. Other orchestral works include Symphonic poems, incidental music, melodrama, several overtures suites and miniatures. A lot of chamber music with Piano and other ensembles. Three operas, ten oratories and a requiem.

German Romantics: Heinrich Schulz-Beuthen Orchestral Works Volume 4


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