Glazounov Concerto for Violin & Orchestra in A minor

Hideko Udagawa has performed extensively throughout the world and captivates international audiences with her artistry and enthusiasm. Critics have acclaimed her performances, commending her passionate commitment, dazzling agility and refinement of taste. As a protégée of Nathan Milstein, she has inherited the great Russian romantic tradition of violin playing. Her performances have spanned thirty countries across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, and more than one hundred cities and towns in the United Kingdom alone.


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Review "Hideko Udagawa displays a smooth, continuous line with a controlled vibrato which emphasises the full tone of the violin. She had been taught by, and been a protege of, the great Nathan Milstein and perpetuates the style of the Russian classicists, students of Mischa Auer, the Hungarian master teacher at the St Petersburg Conservatoire in the early years of the Twentieth Century, which included Milstein, Heifetz, Zimbalist and Elman among others. The Violin Concerto in A minor had been dedicated by Alexander Glazounov to the great teacher but when Auer premiered its performance, we are told, he broke down twice! No problem here, however, for this virtuoso where the soloist is accompanied by the orchestra throughout the composition. Needless to say, the cadenza in the second movement is nothing less than a "tour de force" exhibiting all the "tricks of the trade" with outstanding brio. Other works on this disc by Tchaikovsky, Chausson, Sarasate (a sparkling piece befitting perhaps the greatest of the Spanish violinists) and a piano study by Saint-Saens transcribed by Ysaye, all confirm the outstanding, stunning ability of Hideko Udagawa. The accompanying booklet is very informative and this CD must be in the library of anyone appreciating violin playing of the highest order."-Jack L. Honigman
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