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Great Singers in New York 1906-1923



The history of the Metropolitan Opera House is a roll call of the world's most famous singers. This disc features Enrico Caruso, Emmy Destinn, José Mardones, Margarete Matzenauer, Giuseppe de Luca, Pasquale Amato, Geraldine Farrar, Dmitri Smirnov, Frances Alda, Alma Gluck, Alessandro Bonci, Johanna Gadski, Marcel Journet, Adamo Didur, Louise Homer, Nellie Melba, Antonio Scotti, Emma Eames, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Pol Plançon and Marcella Sembrich.

Great Singers in New York 1906-1923


"... a delightful compilation which comes across faithfully and clearly." Alan Jefferson, CD Review