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Hallé Tradition - 4CD Box Set



These recordings offer a fascinating insight into the playing of the Hallé before and during the Second World War, primarily with its Principal Conductor, Hamilton Harty. Harty’s recorded legacy with the Hallé stretches from early acoustic recordings made in 1920 through until he left Manchester in 1933, The Orchestra did not record again until 1941.

It is important to remember the circumstances under which these recordings were made. Works needed to be divided up into four to five minute sections, and tempos often reflect this fact. There were no ‘second chances’, no edits and no opportunity to hear a finished ‘take’ without destroying it!

Hallé Tradition - 4CD Box Set


"This is really a bargain basement price giving, as it does, a snapshot of a famous orchestra of yesteryear, freshened up but, nevertheless, providing a remarkable, historical overview. A fascinating feature of this CD set is that it has to take account of the 12 inch, four-minute (78 r.p.m.) snatches from which these have been produced and of which the conductor had to be conscious when undertaking recording a symphony - or any other extended work.. This seems to have been achieved remarkably seamlessly. Obviously, we are not looking at ffrr technique which was not yet available, in most cases. We must listen for the differences of pace and quality of each section of the orchestra in works with which we are well acquainted but are accustomed to hearing in a different fashion. Great improvements in sound recording have enabled artists and conductors, in particularly, to impress their own interpretations of various compositions. I was particularly impressed with the soloist's technique in the Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1. Albert Sammons was known, to some, as the English Kreisler and the superb control of vibrato even with the complications of double-stopping make it quite obvious why this was so. Similarly, the performance of Gaspar Cassado in the Schubert Cello Concerto was a revelation and one wonders why this work is not encountered more often since it makes for easy listening as an introduction to "heavier" classical music. A set of four CD's definitely worth having, especially at this price, guaranteed to give hours of interesting listening.." - Jack L. Honigman