Hilde Güden 1951-1957

"On the singing side, the performance offered several news-worthy items, chief among them being the new Gilda ... a Viennese girl named Hilde Güden who was lovely to look at and lovelier to listen to. The voice blossomed into a rich flower, every note in its place like a petal - a voice clear, true and confident."   Louis Biancolli New York World-Telegram and Sun on Güden’s debut at the Metropolitan Opera, New York, 15 November 1951



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Review "Lovely! The selections on the first disc have appeared before on the Preiser label; however, to my knowledge the Strauss Brentano songs as well as the Ivor Novello and Noel Coward selections on the second disc have never appeared on compact disc. I have been eagerly anticipating the Strauss songs with piano and the Coward/Novello selections for years. This is singing of the highest caliber, and at the risk of sounding like an old codger, singing like we have not heard in years. The lovely Hilde Gueden had the ability to spin and soar her soprano voice like few singers of the 20th century. Gueden was a real musician who paid attention to the meaning of the text and the dynamics indicated in the score. The genius at Decca who decided to feature Gueden in the soaring melodies of Novello and Coward should be paid homage here as we have some of the most beautiful renditions of these gentlemen's songs ever committed to disc. Truly, with the exception of Dame Joan's Coward disc, I'll follow my secret heart and Zigeuner have never been bettered. The Novello selections are incredible, my favorite being the rhapsodic piece from Glamorous Night. Although everything on these discs is lovely, you will be queuing up the Coward and Novello pieces over and over because of their sheer beauty and the beauty of Gueden's voice. Here I digress, but why do these delightful Novello pieces languish? It is ashamed that Dame Joan didn't record some of these pieces in her prime. The Strauss Brentano songs have also seen the light of day, thank goodness, and the CD transfer is very good. Friedrich Gulda is the perfect match for Gueden in these loveliest of Strauss songs with piano. Keep the score in your lap as you listen and marvel at the scrupulous attention paid by both voice and piano as they realize the music that Strauss wrote. At the risk of gilding the lily, I must say that you will not be disappointed in these discs. If you wish to be transported to a realm of imagination and beauty you need to get these discs while they are around. Thank you Hilde Gueden for these lovely recordings and thank you Nimbus for these transfers." - Steven Keller
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