Hot Lips Page: Feelin' High & Happy - His 48 Finest 1929-1953

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Oran Thaddeaus Page (1908-1954), nicknamed “Hot Lips” because of the warmth of his playing, was both a spellbinding trumpeter and a singer of irresistible energy and joy. Jazz author Dan Morgenstern wrote: “When Lips walked in, the joint would start to jump” and hailed him as a “veritable incarnation of the spirit of jazz.” This notable addition to Retrospective’s great series of jazz trumpeters offers a generous 48-track survey of Page’s remarkable recording career, from his first solo (Blue Devil Blues with Walter Page) in 1929, to his final live session (The Sheik Of Araby with Marian McPartland) in 1953. His fiery, full-blooded style is in evidence throughout, with 27 fine numbers by his own bands or groups (I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart [a Top 10 hit!], Pagin’ Mr. Page, Skull Duggery, Lafayette…), often with such jazz-greats as Don Byas or Earl Bostic. He is also featured with 14 other ensembles, including those of Chu Berry, Pete Johnson, Ben Webster, Albert Ammons and, with two big hits (Blues In The Night and St. James Infirmary), Artie Shaw. Billie Holiday (Long Gone Blues) is one of five other vocalists featured alongside 17 examples of his own distinctive, blues-based singing, one of them the popular Baby, It’s Cole Outside duet with Pearl Bailey. As Dizzy Gillespie once said: “Nobody messed with Lips when it came to the blues!” Listening to this album is guaranteed to leave any jazz lover ‘Feelin’ High & Happy.’

"So once again the Retrospective label has done all jazz lovers a big service by putting together a well-chosen sample of a neglected hero's work... This is, quite simply, a superb collection". Just Jazz
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