Invocation: Twelve Improvisations for Solo Piano by Geoff Eales

“One of the biggest challenges facing an improvising musician is to deliver a performance that holds the attention of the listener when playing completely solo. To achieve success, one must dig deep into one’s musical psyche in order to invoke the muse within. The improvisations on the album are all unedited single-takes. I was helped enormously in my task by having such a wonderful instrument at my disposal. This, combined with the benevolent acoustic of Wyastone’s magnificent concert hall, ensured that I was given the very best chance to succeed.” Geoff Eales


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"There's nowhere to hide when you go it alone as a musician. But Geoff Eales has nothing to fear from the exposed nature of a solo performance, recorded in a single day in the form of unedited single-takes. Eales has a protean talent: recent releases have seen him moving between classic European piano trio music (Master of the Game), full-on group fusion (Shifting Sands) and a globe-encompassing piano-flute duet (The Dancing Flute). But Invocation has Eales stripping things back to basics, at least in terms of instrumentation, and exploring the sources of is inspiration via 12 restlessly imaginative solo inspirations. 'Boogie Train' is an energetic slice of gospel-woogie, 'One Step from the Edge' takes its lead from Charlie Parker's 'Scrapple from the Apple', 'Back to the Root' is a blues that moves deftly between funk and swing while 'Dancing River' and 'In the Abbey', both inspired by memories of Wales, show the master at his lyrical, impressionistic best." Jazzwise, December 2014 ****

"Geoff Eales should be familiar to anyone who has followed the UK jazz scene of the past couple of decades, but perhaps the pianist is not as well-known as his work merits. This disc of 12 improvisations for solo piano is the latest in a succession of fine recording projects that began in 1999, and is an impressive and enjoyable showcase for his virtues as both pianist and improviser. Although rooted in jazz, his frame of reference here is considerably wider, and much of the music might appeal equally to classical music listeners. As in his most recent handful of projects, the music is all his own, and each piece was recorded in a single take with no editing or patching. He is an instinctive melodist with a lovely touch and refined technique, and builds his improvisations with an unerring sense of purpose." The Scotsman, November 2014 ****

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