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Italian Romantics: Jacopo Fornoni 'Christina Regina di Svezia'



It is difficult to call this opera anything else. The story in short: Jacopo Foroni (1825 - 1858) arrived here 1849 from Italy. He became somewhat of a pioneer at the Stockholm Opera. In the short span of his life he managed to raise the level of the performances and writing some absolutely stunning operatic music! This opera is based on a rather twisted version of Queen Cristina's life. And stunning the music is. It forms no less than a bridge between Donizetti and early Verdi. It is just too bad that the composer died far too early in cholera.

Please do note that this is a complete studio recording. With the right kind of support, this kind of recording is still possible to make. It has been a massive undertaking. Every second recorded though was worth it. You are soon to discover. All the best and lot of seasonal greetings.

Italian Romantics: Jacopo Fornoni 'Christina Regina di Svezia'