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J. Haydn & C. Stamitz: Divertimenti and Trios for Two Flutes & Cello



From the beginning of the century the flute was chief among the instruments preferred by enthusiasts, as well as the highly educated non-professional connoisseurs. The flute, in its late 17th century form, being a relatively ‘modern’ instrument – and a fashionable one - joined with the keyboards in a pivotal role. The previously dominant violin drifted more and more into the domain of professional musicians and virtuosos. And perhaps the sound of a flute, idiomatic of the human voice, was a more natural partner for the expression of bourgeois sensitivity than that of a violin.

J. Haydn & C. Stamitz: Divertimenti and Trios for Two Flutes & Cello


"This disc really should have at least six stars as three top European soloists, comprising two flautists and a cellist, play with obvious joy themselves and successfully to brighten any listener happy with such wonderfully conceived intimate chamber music. There is little more I can add except to disclose that they play the 4 London Trios by Haydn as well as two Trios by Carl Stamitz in a really splendid recording made at the Nimbus studios in June 2016. But don't take my word for it, just go out and get yourself a sumptuous copy for yourselves."- Arthur Francis