Jakajan - Music from New Siam

Fong Naam is not only a remarkable ensemble of the very best Thai musicians, it is also at the forefront of modern composition, both in traditional and experimental styles. This disc presents Fong Naam as innovators and developers in an area that their leader, Bruce Gaston, calls "New Siamese" music, as a way of distinguishing it from traditional Thai music. Here, Thai riffs and motifs encircle, and sometimes collide head-on with, western linearity in an intriguing collaboration. Paradoxically, Fong Naam's contemporary work has won respect in Thailand whilst causing controversy in the west.


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November 2021

We are saddened to learn that Bruce Gaston American musician and co-founded Fong Nam had died in Bangkok aged 74. Bruce formed Fong Naam, meaning bubbles, in 1979 with Thai xylophonist Boonyong Ketkong and Jirapan Ansvananda. Blending traditional Thai with western music opened up new horizons gaining a new younger audience with enthusiasts worldwide. Gaston's was the first non-Thai artist to receive the prestigious Silpathorn award. Gaston was survived by his wife, Sarapee, and son Theodore, who is the guitarist of the rock band Flure. Nimbus World Music was fortunate to record three albums with one critic stating "Fong Naam is remarkable in every way. It boasts the very finest Thai musicians, it is the custodian of some of the rarest old pieces, and it is at the forefront of modern composition, both in traditional and experimental styles". The musical world will miss you Bruce. To experience the music of Bruce Gaston and Fong Naam please visit our Spotify Playlist.

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