Jimmie Noone: The Apex of Jazz Clarinet - His 26 Finest 1923-1944

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Here is the best single-CD survey available of the classic jazz recordings made by one of the New Orleans all-time greats. Jimmie Noone (1895-1944) was, along with Sidney Bechet and Johnny Dodds, the finest of all the New Orleans clarinettists, blessed with an always lyrical tone, a remarkable technique and a deep appreciation of the blues. His records stand as significant milestones in the history of jazz. The Apex Of Jazz Clarinet is a fitting description of his work. The compilation follows his career from his first recording, with Ollie Power’s Harmony Syncopators in 1923 (Play That Thing), through two decades to his final sessions with Kid Ory just before his death (High Society). The series of recordings Noone made in between, leading his own band from 1928 to 1940, are classics of their kind, including that memorable spell at Chicago’s Apex Club when his band included Earl Hines – exhilarating classics such as I Know That You Know, Four Or Five Times, Apex Blues, My Monday Date and his theme tune Sweet Lorraine. This is a notable addition to Retrospective’s jazz range, which includes clarinettists Irving Fazola (RTR 4337), Benny Goodman (RTS 4144), Frank Teschemacher (RTR 4194), Buster Bailey (RTS 4356), Edmond Hall (RTR 4286) and of course Sidney Bechet (RTS 4372).

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