Jussi Björling Volume 2 1936-1941

Jussi Björling’s flawless vocal technique, silvery beauty of tone, gleaming upper register, and superb interpretive skills have made him one of the greatest and most beloved tenors of the twentieth century. Numerous colleagues as well as music critics have long placed him at the very pinnacle of vocal excellence. It was to Jussi that Dorothy Caruso, widow of Enrico Caruso, said, "You are the only one worthy to wear his mantle, bear Rico’s crown!"

Despite his fame across three continents, Jussi remained a humble and simple man, deeply devoted to his family. His tragically early death in 1960 at the age of 49 ended a brilliant career that began during the acoustic era of recording and extended to the advent of stereophonic sound.



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"... the surface is smooth, the instruments are no longer sour, the voice takes its place naturally. Nimbus have some splendid, little-known, song songs, Sibelius's Black roses and Sigh, sedges, sigh being particularly expressive. There is also a good note by Nigel Douglas who remarks "he always sounds to me most marvellously himself, as if some paper-thin layer of inhibition has been removed" when singing in Swedish: which is another point (and a good one) in favour of the Nimbus ..." John B. Steane, Gramophone

"singing to make the angels weep...his recording of Beethoven's finest song, Adelaide, sets a standard which it is safe to say will never be even approximately equalled. To give a punny five stars to this disc seems absurdly mean." Michael Tanner, Classic CD

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