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Kay Starr: Wheel of Fortune - Her 58 Finest 1944-1960



Retrospective pays tribute to Kay Starr, who died in 2016 at the age of 94. This exciting collection presents her 58 finest tracks up to 1961, including all her many major hits. Born on an Oklahoma Indian reservation, Katherine LaVerne Starkes took the name “Kay Starr” and became one of the biggest female pop stars of the early and mid 50s. Her powerful, emotional style gave her performances wide appeal. The ‘wheel of fortune’ turned her way and she enjoyed 33 chart successes from 1948 to her last Top Ten entry in 1957. Wheel Of Fortune was both Kay Starr’s biggest hit and theme song, and it spearheads Retrospective’s collection. Early tracks show her as an excellent jazz artist. The first solo hit came in 1948 with You Were Only Foolin’, but then they came thick and fast. Apart from the million selling Wheel Of Fortune there were 14 more Top Ten smashes. The late 50s showed a welcome return to more jazz-orientated material (Goin’ To Chicago Blues etc.), and no less a jazz great than Ben Webster plays along on her beautiful final track More Than You Know.

Kay Starr: Wheel of Fortune - Her 58 Finest 1944-1960