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Lee Wiley, Anytime, Any Day, Anywhere



“Lee Wiley has class … She makes you hurt more and more with the remembrance of other, never-to-be-recaptured nights. Lee Wiley can do that to you – damn her! But damn her gently because she is, after all, the best jazz singer we have – the very best.” George Frazier

For sensuality, rhythmic impulse and musicality, Lee Wiley may now appear an easy counter part of the best black vocalists of her generation. Her style assumed the moiré distinct jazz connotations of Ethel Walters and, while she was perhaps never an improviser in the strictest sense, her distinctively warm gossamer tone, clear diction and sensitive feeling for the lyrics had by the late 1930s already earned her a special place in the jazz fraternity.

Lee Wiley, Anytime, Any Day, Anywhere